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Claire qualified in 2003 as a sports massage therapist and now specialises in helping people with muscle imbalance and dysfunction from poor posture or chronic injuries.  On a daily basis Claire helps people suffering with shin splint type pain, neck and back pain, sacro iliac pain, headaches, sciatic pain and general muscle tnesion from stress and poor posture.
A thorough first appointment allows Claire to understand how you use your body, your previous injuries, and assess your posture and activities which make your symptoms better or worse.  Claire may also conduct appropriate orthopaedic tests to confirm her diagnosis and ensure the correct treatment is provided.
Claire is also a chiropractor and with her study and hands on experience has an exceptional understanding of the body.  She values soft tissue therapy much as chiropractic and feels it is important that the right type of treatment is provided for each patient.  Often a combination of the therapies is a perfect balance.